International Health Innovation Conference

Postponed until further notice

Hamilton, New Zealand

In Partnership with

Join us for an opportunity to consider innovation in health from a number of perspectives and be part of creating change.

We are very pleased to be working with partners in New Zealand, Asia and Europe to make this conference happen.  The focus of the event is to enable the innovations that will transform health care, together with living and ageing well globally. Some of the focus areas for the event are:

  • Connected Health
  • Environmental Impact on Health
  • Healthy Living and Ageing well Innovations


We aim to bring together academics and researchers from all disciplines, health professionals, health innovators and community health workforce from around the world as well as business community.

The health sector around the world is experiencing financial and patient volume pressures like never before.  The pressures are likely to increase rather than decrease unless we do something.  With the ageing population and environmental impact on health and wellbeing occurring as well, we need to look at alternatives and not more of the same. 

How is connected health innovations going to change the way we live and the way we work.  Can we find health solutions in Engineering or in Creative Industries? Do we need new business and marketing thinking with an ageing population and workforce? And how important will IT be for the future of health.

We plan for an event where we can all share insights and learn from inspirational speakers.

We hope you will join us